Our Responsibility

We aware that trading of black metals and base metals could contribute to the Company’s income and growth but also that the extraction, handling, processing, transportation and trading of these metals may result in adverse environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts.


We, as a trader of physical commodities, commit to seek to minimize our negative impact on the environment wherever we operate and manage our activities with the highest regard for the environment, well-being of people, health and safety and business conduct, in order to develop a more responsible business.


Our approach to be responsible:


1.     Sustainable Environment

We are committed to taking responsible interaction with the environment and devoting in the energy transition to low- and zero-carbon sources. We set targets and paths forward to ensure our ability to manage our environmental impacts in aligning with the Paris Climate Agreement. We also engage with the stakeholders in our business, such as suppliers, customers and trading partners etc., to understand, manage and reduce our risks and impacts more effectively.


Our goal is to have no major or catastrophic environmental incidents arose directly or indirectly from our business activities.


2.     Responsible Sourcing

We embed the recommendations of the OECD’s Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains Of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas (“the Guidance”) in our responsible sourcing policy. The Guidance help us respect human rights and avoid contribution to conflict through our purchasing decisions and practices. We carry out independent third-party audits of supply chain due diligence at identified points in our supply chain. We also communicate with and train our employees and suppliers to ensure that they are aligned with our aspiration to maintain a responsible supply chain and are aware of and responsive to ESG risks.


Our target is to keep us and our suppliers away from causing adverse ESG impacts through our business activities.


3.     Human Rights Protection

We believe that Respect for human rights is one of the fundamental principles for our corporate sustainability. We naturally apply this principle in our human resources management policy banning on forced labor and child labor, supporting anti-discrimination, and implementing equal opportunity to protect everyone’s dignity and value. At the same time, we also incorporate human rights aspects into our sales process by encouraging our customers to do the same and take all necessary steps to put up opposition against any human rights abuses.


Our objective is to build trust with our employees and other stakeholders associated with our business and to reduce friction within the society.


4.     Health and Safety

We are committed to operating safely and preventing all fatalities, occupational diseases and injuries at work. We safeguard working conditions and health and safety in all of our workplaces in different regions and conduct health and safety due diligence on our suppliers and customers around the globe. We select our suppliers and customers with a view to their health and safety standards and principles are adhered to and in accordance with the highest standards in the industry.


Our ambition is no loss of life or major incident impacting the safety of our employees and all of those involved in our business activities.


5.     Ethical Business Conduct

We are pledged to act as a responsible corporate citizen in our business activities. We maintain a culture of ethics and compliance across all our operations in our Company by implementing our ethics and compliance program (“the Program”) embracing risk assessments, policies and procedures, training, monitoring, disclosures and evaluations. All of our staff must acknowledge and comply with the Program. We also encourage our suppliers and customers to adopt similar program to ours.

Our intention is to conduct our business with integrity and high ethical standards in line with all applicable laws and the international best practice to avoid any fraud and business disaster.

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