Our Core Business


Minerals and Metals Trading


Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, one-stop business which offers maximum added value for our clients - a major advantage over the traditional business model.

    - Iron ore, Nickel ore, Manganese ore and other mineral ore

    - Base metal commodities including all LME commodities; a wide spectrum of physical non-ferrous metals including cooper,aluminium, nickel,zinc,lead and tin etc.

       Derivative trading, hedging, financing and logistics managemnet.



Agricultural Products


    - Rice of various country of origin (India, Vietnam etc.)

    - Cashew Nuts (RCN)

    - Sesame Seeds

    - Peanuts (Ground nuts)

    - Sugar
    - Yellow Peas 
    - Pulses 

    - Red Chilli (Indian super hot)


International Shipping


    - Ship management 
    - Ship operation 
    - Feeder transport 
    - Logistics investment (barges & jetties)


Financial Derivatives


    - Iron ore swap
    - Rebar future
    - Coal business investment and analysis


Mining Investment


    - Iron ore mining
    - Coal mining
    - Nickel mining 

Other Investments


    - Financial investment and services
    - Real estate
    - Food and restaurant

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